A Surreal Pregnancy Moment

OK, first off, 27 weeks OMFG.  I’ve wandered out of the realm of “is she pregnant or fat” and into the “so, how far along are you?”.  It helps that the weather here is unseasonably warm and I’ve shed my winter jacket for some maternity dresses and tank tops.

I’m feeling:  Pretty darn good, actually.  Other than a few anxiety-related panic attacks on the public bus and an extreme need to pee every hour or so, this third trimester is turning out to be fairly easy going.  Bean is kicking me on a regular basis (or head butting or punching or butting) and sometimes my belly even ripples.  Look at it jiggle fatherbean, LOOK, it’s so jumpy!

So today while waiting for the bus downtown to go to work I had a bit of a surreal moment of pregnancy shared with 4 other pregnant ladies.

We all kind of turned, regarded each other’s protruding bellies, then shared a simultaneous smile with hands resting on said bellies.  In that one smile I felt connected to something bigger.  To a shared anxiety about motherhood and all the ups and downs that go with it.  That smile on each of our faces said a million words trimmed down into one sentence “Congratulations, I know what you are going through.”  Then we all turned from each other and went on our ways – some of us by bus, some walking down the street, some disappearing into stores.

I know what you are going through, and you are not alone.


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