Rainy Sunday Baby

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon.  The dogs are lounging on their respective blankets tired by the lack of sunshine.  Fatherbean has planted himself on the couch and is relentlessly shooting zombies in his new game – or are they mutants?  I haven’t paid any attention and have tuned out the gunshots for the soft sound of water falling.

I love days like this.  The rain is soft and refreshing, more like a mist than a downpour. The sidewalks look slick covered in puddles – perfect for splashing.  The cars make “swooshing” sounds as they drive by the apartment window.  Everything just sort of “hangs” on a day like this.  Despite the headaches I often get from the air pressure these rainy Sunday afternoons always bring a smile to my face – now more than ever!

Babybean is active today.  Perhaps he is sensing my eagerness to put little adorable rain boots on his feet and take him out to splash in puddles.  I’ll teach him that while it’s a valiant effort to try and save the worms from drowning they are, actually, better above ground today.  I’ll buy him the umbrella of his choice but also give him the choice of whether or not to use it.  I’ll teach him we don’t melt in water and running from the car to the door of the building doesn’t make us any less wet.  That one should stroll along and enjoy the tickley and cool feeling of water on our face.  We’ll take deep breaths of the crisp damp air and try to catch one or two droplets on our tongue.  I’ll teach him how to dance in the rain and sing at the top of his lungs.  He’ll learn that there’s nothing quite like the smell of wet dog – and to stay away from a wet dog shaking!  I wonder what kind of umbrella will he choose?  I hope one of the ones with eyes – like a frog.  Those are too cute!

And then I’ll teach him the most important part about days like this. Coming home and drying off with big fluffy towels then snuggling down under the blankets with hot chocolate and those you love.


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