My Favorite Shoes – Almost a Eulogy

My feet have a love affair happening that they just can’t seem to give up.  Especially now when they have ballooned to extra enormous proportions – I swear I had ankles six months ago – and don’t fit in any other footwear I own (which, admittedly, is not much).  They’ve given up their favoritism of the flip-flops and slipped into well-worn fake leather and crumbling fabric.

I don’t own many shoes at all.  Let’s see if I can name them all – two pairs of flip-flops in different puples, one pair of red and black men’s skater shoes and one pair of brown mary-jane style shoes that don’t actually fit me and I bought because hey, $10.00, and crazily thought I could bend them to my will.  Or my foot shape.  Or something.

I would LOVE to have a shoe closet full of shoes like these:

Aren’t these ADORABLY SEXY? Don’t you just want them? I know I do!

But alas, my feet are not meant for shoes such as these. My non-pregnant shoe size is a whopping 11 wide. They just don’t make shoes like this for women in those sizes. I routinely have to shop in the men’s section just to find shoes that fit – hence the men’s skate shoes.  Once, in my 20’s, I stumbled into a shop in Toronto that sold men’s sizes in women’s shoes (they were close to the local “drag” strip of clubs and bars) and I just about died.  I bought a horribly expensive pair of heels that I wore for YEARS and YEARS.  Sadly, the shop closed down before I could save up for another pair.

Which is why, when I found these beauties and slipped them on I felt like Cinderella finding her prince!  Except my prince came in the shape of last year’s Sketcher’s back-to-school offering.

And here they are. Aren’t they GORGEOUS?

When they were new they were shiny and black.  They went with absolutely everything (which in my wardrobe means jeans, t-shirts and the occasional skirt) so I wore them with absolutely everything.  I could slip them on and go and the treads were strong enough to survive into the winter when I would be inevitably forced to buy boots.  I’ve worn these shoes for so long that if you were to ask me when I bought them I would just shake my head and laugh.  I have no idea.  It was over 5 years ago…that’s as far back as I could calculate.

They are a sad sight now.  They are scuffed beyond repair and the fabric inside is peeling away showing only a glimpse of the glorious purple and black tartan design that was there.  The soul is cracked and breaking apart.  But oh, how I love these shoes.  No other shoes have ever compared to these.  Sketchers doesn’t make them anymore and I have never found another like them.  So until the soul cracks completely or the fake leather rips I will proudly wear these shoes with my pregnancy skirts and beyond.  When they do finally succumb to wear-and-tear I will place them in a shoe box and bury them in the yard with a small marker proclaiming their awesomeness.  They deserve that much having been such good friends to me and my feet for all these years.


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