Adventures At the Local Trendy Mall

There are two malls where I live.  The one closest to me has practical stores full of good deals for families and moms.  The other mall is the one I hung out at when I was 16 and trying to be “trendy” and “fashionable”.  It’s only gotten worse as the city matured and is now full of fashionable stores carrying the latest and greatest of clothes and must have electronics.  Plus the food court has great Thai food.   Coconut shrimp.  So GOOD.

Today I got up and fancied myself up.  After all I was going to the trendy mall to eat lunch with an adorable and fashionable friend whom I hadn’t seen for awhile.  She’s a good friend and one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is also always beautifully and uniquely dressed and inspires me to do the same.  So black skirt, pretty white top with ruffles (in which I look pregnant and not horribly overweight) and my new undulation scarf it was.  Then I actually put on make-up and put some product in my hair and was out the door.  Twenty dollars in my pocket, a bag full of gifts for my friend and hope that I could make it more than an hour before having to collapse into a chair.  That’s me on the bus trying to look like I’m not taking my own picture.  I’m obsessed with my new Hipstamatic App for my iPod – so here is a Hipstamatic picture journal of my day.

The mall was bustling as I waited for my friend to arrive.  The food court was so full I had to wait for a seat!  Must be a popular spot for Easter Monday shoppers.  I am always amazed at the amount of people eating Tim Hortons and KFC and Taco Hell when there are healthy Greek, Lebanese, Thai and even Sandwich choices right there.  Or sitting their kids down with tacos instead of delicious grilled meat and rice….not even that much more expensive.  I kept thinking NOT MY KID.  NO WAY.  He’s gonna eat all sorts of healthy and LIKE IT DAGNABIT.

There’s one of these right by the food court.  I got to sit and look at all the shinies I can’t afford while I waited.  There’s a Stitch one from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch.  SQUEE!

My friend shows up and we catch up quickly over lunch.  I have delicious Thai rice with grilled chicken and coconut shrimp.  She has poutine.  We giggle over my huge belly and she sympathizes over the loss of my ankles and pain in my back.  She gets to feel babybean move and then we get to the important stuff – shopping!

Did you know that the 90’s are hot again and that the neon colors have even made it into adorable underwear?  Neither did I until we ventured into La Senza.  Sexy!  It was there I also found this:

That my friends is a bright red tutu for adult “play” complete with sparkles and little hearts on the band.  If I ever got one I’m pretty sure the sight of me running around the house attempting leg lifts and falling into furniture would take any “let’s get it on” thoughts straight out of fatherbean’s head.  But I thought it was oh-so-cute.  Isn’t it?  Huh?

Shoes shoes shoes.  It’s all about shoes.  If you haven’t read my love/hate relationship with shoes the post is here  but it doesn’t mean I still can’t look.  And LOOK at all those pretties!  Orange and red stilettos are all the rage right now it seems.  So are these…


Only if I can take it home without paying and not commit a crime while doing it.  225?  Ouchies.

This is a picture from my favorite tea shop.  A wall of loose leaf tea.  Teaopia – if you haven’t tried their tea find some and do it.  You’ll never go back.

Of course we had to stop and look at adorable toys for babybean.  Like his own camera so he can be a shutterbug like mom!

Or his own cell phone that dials, says hello and teaches numbers.  I think this model is outdated though it doesn’t look anything like an iPod or Android.  It DOES have a puppy on it so I suppose that’s something.

When my poor feet couldn’t take the walking anymore and my belly was getting that stretched-to-the-max feeling we sat down and my friend treated me to some white chocolate raspberry ice cream.  Just one scoop though, I’m watching my weight.  After we were satisfied we skyped with her overseas boyfriend on her phone who got to see my belly and complimented my hair.  Aw, flatterer.  She’s so happy with him it makes me happy.  Her smile is the brightest when she talks of him.  So sweet.

An action packed shot of the best Juice bar ever.  I love the watermelon wiggle and mango madness.  Fruity delight without sherbet or frozen yogurt – just juice and ice and fruit.  Yum!  Sorry Jugo ice cream won over you today.

Can you guess which shoes are mine?  Hint…I’m not the stylish one.  😛

This store had one of these for sale – it works and everything.  All their products were antique looking and I loved the baby blankets and toys they had.  There was even a puppy hoody.  So cute!  Would you have a phone like this in your house?  Would it be in your foyer?

Then my friend bought me my first Easter candy!  Look!  Easter Ponies!  20% cooler than all other Easter candies.  Mmmm…going to put it in the fridge and share it with fatherbean tonight as he’s a brony and will want to eat Fluttershy while I nibble on Pinkie!

We always manage to find some time for gaming when we are together.  I’m envious of her 3DS.  So fancy.  She always has little danglies on it too with cute stickers and adorable decorations.  So her.  🙂

Here we are.  Two creative gals hanging out at the mall.  I’m so glad her and I are friends despite our age difference.  It’s nice to have someone to hang out with.  And play video games with.  Share our love of cartoons and comics and folk-type music.  She inspires me to be a better person.  I’m glad she’s excited for this little bean to arrive and is interested in hanging out with me even after baby.  I was worried we wouldn’t survive but I have hope that we will know each other for many years to come.  Kids and all.  🙂

And here’s my outfit and a belly pic.  🙂  They are rare so enjoy!


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