Baby I Can Drive That Car

This was going to be a post about going out with my mother in law to look at all the adorable baby stuff and how I want all the adorable baby stuff but…

That has been supplanted by my ability to now drive a car.  Again.  Finally.

You see due to a medical issue just over 3 years ago my license was suspended.  The medical issue was cleared up (it was actually cleared up before they issued the suspension) and I applied to get my license back.

It has been a long 3 year fight.  During which time my license expired but I wasn’t allowed to renew it because my license was suspended.  After 3 years of it being expired I would have to do the graduated licensing thing again – and it would be about another two years and a large sum of money to get my license back.  If you don’t know what graduated licensing is or have it in your area be thankful.  Be very, very thankful.

Well I finally got the suspension lifted after jumping through several flaming hoops of government bureaucratic bullshit and dragging my doctor with me.  With 6 months before I would have had to start all over again.  I opened the envelope with trembling hands just before lunch and saw the blessed words that brought me to tears.  I never knew what it was to cry with happiness until today.  The anxiety, the headaches, never having to call THAT number again.

So today I am ecstatic.  Nothing can bring me down.  Not the lack of chocolate in the house.  Not the crampy puffy right foot that doesn’t fit in shoes.  Not the fact that Agis has mastered the escape from the “kennel” (aka blocked off nursery) and chewed cardboard all over the house while I was gone.  Nada.  I can drive again.  I can be useful at work again.  I can borrow the parents car and not be reliant on the crappy local bus system.  I can make a mixed cd of music to groove to while picking fatherbean up from work tonight.  Boo-yah.


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