Buy ALL The Baby Things? Rawr!

I had my first excursion into baby products the other day visiting Babies R Us to create a baby registry.  I was SO OVERWHELMED by the whole ordeal.  I hate asking people for gifts and I especially hate telling them exactly what gifts to buy me.  I know this is some sort of privilege that I get for being pregnant but it still weirds me out.  However my attitude changed when they gave me a funky space age scanner thing (of which I am accustomed having worked retail all of my life) and I got to run around the store and scan items I thought were cute and that babybean would like.  Which, admittedly, was EVERYTHING.  I’m happy I had someone to shop with though as it’s somewhat embarrassing to shop for baby by myself and get caught “awwwwing” out loud by random customers and staff.  And no matter how much he might be developing eyesight right now there is no way that babybean saw the adorableness of that puppy hoody I tried to show him about a week ago.  So having a friend or relative along saves face.  Gotcha.

Truthfully we haven’t started the nursery – there is no furniture or anything in there.  I hadn’t even bought anything remotely baby until today and I’m 31 weeks along now.  OMG I’VE GOT TWO MONTHS LEFT????  How did that happen.  AcK!  I really should get moving on this.  I mean, the nursery is painted – two different greens – and I painted a tree on the one side with a dog house underneath it.  Here’s what it looks like at the moment…..

This is the window that is blocked.  See the pastel green and the dark green I chose for the walls?  The window is small and cardboarded up so that a certain someone will not stand at it and annoy passers by with his loud warning noises.

This is the tree I painted.  I still have to go in and re-do it so it’s not all streaky and so that the edges are not fuzzy.  And below is a dog house that needs to be re-done.  Possibly into a dinosaur but more on that later….

Here is what the floor looks like – isn’t it horrible?  I want to get a rug to at least cover most of it.  I know it’s not usually a good idea to have a rug in a nursery but…but…that floor.  Oh, and if you couldn’t tell the nursery is currently the “kennel” when we aren’t home for this rascal:

That face just screams “chewer” doesn’t it?  You know it.  So once this adorable fellow goes back to the rescue to foster at another house (I will be heartbroken to see him go truthfully but it’s for the best for him and all of us) I can finally decorate the nursery.  Yay!

Going into Babies R Us I had a plan for the nursery.  I wanted it to be puppies.  I think I’ve even mentioned it here once before.  Cute puppies.

(I have a post I’m working on about the gender specification of babies before they can eve SEE but that will be another post this one is for squeeing over adorable baby items)

I think my ideas for decorations have changed.  Here is what I’m thinking now:

DINOSAURS.  Adorable dinosaurs.  I hadn’t even thought of this idea before but Babies R Us had this set:

And this lamp (OMG I want this lamp SOOOOO bad even if I don’t get another dinosaur item)

Isn’t that the cutest?  And he can keep it forever it’s so perfect!  Though I think when he’s an unruly and “cool” teenager he might put it away.  Or not.  Who knows?  Anyways here are some other Dinosaur inspired themes I found pictures of thanks to Google Images:








So I think that dinosaurs are the order for this nursery. I had chosen puppies because I like dogs but I’ve now decided on dinosaurs because, for whatever reason, IT FITS. For my babybean. There may be multiple trips to the museum in my future. Plus the dinosaur stuff is FREAKING adorable, matches the colors I chose, and isn’t specifically boy or girl! I love all those reasons.

All I want is the comforter though – no bumpers as they are a choking hazard and general danger to babies and I’m not big on skirts.  I don’t even have a crib yet!  Though my mom is taking me shopping on Wed for a crib and changing table.

I scanned a bunch of other things for my registry from cute bibs and adorable onesies to practical Dr Brown’s bottles and a My Brest Friend pillow for breastfeeding.  I tried to cover all the price ranges for the baby shower.  I’m getting excited for it!  Oh, and mother in law bought our stroller/carseat as our shower gift.  We ended up buying it that day as it was on sale (was 380 we got it for 220!) and I want to walk Spitha (my dog) beside it for practice before baby actually gets here.  Plus we need the car seat to bring babybean home from the hospital too!  Here is my new stroller:

It’s starting to feel real.  I mean, I feel pregnant, but something about the acquisition of baby items for the house has hit both myself and fatherbean pretty hard.  A little person is going to live here.  He’ll be arriving soon.  He will be ours for many years to come and our lives are about to change so so so much.  I spent the better part of last night crying out of both fear and happiness that we’ve gotten this far.

To end on an adorably geeky note though here was what I purchased today from my local thrift shop.  Keep in mind that fatherbean is both a military geek and a trekkie.

Dinosaur onesie in keeping with my newest baby obsession.

Now this was one I picked up because it was camouflage and would match fatherbean’s outfits but then I noticed it was also DINOSAURS and I might have squealed in the store.  Loudly.

However I saved the best (and geekiest) for last.  That my friends is a Star Trek red shirt onesie.  I found it for 1.00.  It’s in perfect shape.  It’s also official and the emblem is correct for those of the Engineering division.  Yes.  Geekalicious.

I’d love to hear from others on what their nursery was or would be!  My brother wants to go with a Tim Burton Halloween style nursery for his hypothetical child.  What did/will you do?


2 thoughts on “Buy ALL The Baby Things? Rawr!

  1. Your painting in the nursery looks AWESOME! Wow! Sometimes I wish we didnt live in an apartment and could paint or home too.

    We did a loose Babar theme for our nursery. I liked the way it turned out. I posted on it in case you want to give it a gander.

    • I actually do live in an apartment but we don’t rent, we own it. Kinda like a condo but not really. 🙂 Do they really not let you paint it? I mean, don’t they paint it over anyways when people move out? I could see if you painted it black or something but y’know, baby colors aren’t usually so dark. Babar I love Babar, I used to watch the show with my little brother when he was actually little! I will wander over and have a gander. 🙂

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