It’s Been One Week Since You Heard From Me

What exactly has Mamabean been up to?  Let’s take a peek in her camera and see…

She’s been shopping!  Bath and Body Works had a deal on buy one get one free on their delicious lip glosses and delectable lip balm so I grabbed my 20% off coupon and treated my poor, dry lips to some treats.  One is Vanilla Mint that always makes me giggle as I put it on – it makes my lips tingle!  One is sparkly and tastes like cupcake icing and the other is just super for putting on my pout at night to make them soft and kissable.

She’s been baby shopping with her mom.  My mom is awesome and is finally coming around to this “babybean” situation and starting to enjoy it.  She not only bought the crib and mattress for the baby – a beautiful brown one from Sears – but she also splurged and got me a glider chair with gliding footstool in the same color as the nursery!  I’m so stoked!  I was expecting to have to breastfeed on my old and worn out futon couch but this chair is sooooo comfy.  She also bought babybean his first stuffed animal – a purple dinosaur to match the dino decorations.  So cute!  Thank you mommy!

She’s been growing!  Though my stomach is getting bigger (2 months left – you can kinda see it in my shopping with mom picture) my feet are the biggest change this week.  They have TRIPLED in size and often I’m left with only one option – flip flops – no matter what else I do.  Good thing I stocked up last summer!  My coworker poked the top of them and started laughing hysterically as they sorta…well…rippled.  It was weird.  Doctor says all is good though my feet are just…humongous.

She’s been practicing her photography!  With babybean on the way I figured now was as good a time as any to get used to this new Nikon  Coolpix camera my parents got me for Christmas.  So as I love my dog so much I started snapping doggy shots.  Check that awesome one out of my dog with no head.  Totally meant to do that.

She’s been finding a home for this guy.  Several inquiries but all of them have fallen through so far.  I’m working hard to make sure he goes to a good home who will love and understand him.  I held him in my arms last night and cried and promised him that we would try our best to make sure he was happy.  In the meantime he continues to make me smile with his crazies.

She’s been spending time outside with Spitha.  Since Agis came Spitha hasn’t gotten much attention – or outside time.  She can’t walk as much as Agis and neither can I so on nice days we go out to the pathway and find a place to sit together while fatherbean takes Agis for a longer walk.  She just loves to sit and watch the people and dogs go by.  She’s a watcher.

She’s been knitting!  Isn’t this a pretty color?  It’s going to be babybean’s snuggle sack.  After having to start over twice now I finally got the hang of k1, p1 in the round.  I’m on just knitting now so the sack is shaping up nicely.  I will also have enough yarn left to make an adorable hat to match.

She’s been baking.  Trying to prove to fatherbean that being gluten free isn’t all that bad.  He’s hating that it’s making him feel better.  But a happy daddy will equal a happy mommy and baby so…gluten free it is.  Today I made cupcakes with icing.

Mmmmm.  They turned out delish!  Also made banana bread from scratch and am currently cooking pizza with gluten free dough.  It’s not that hard to make the switch and if anyone in your household has digestion issues…it really does help.

I also had lots of “help” in the kitchen keeping the counter edge clean.

She’s also been driving and enjoying having her license back.  Also…belly pic!  Don’t worry, I’m not steering with my belly.

Out with the pups on a sunny day where I could lounge in a tank top.  Today it is snowing.  Silly Canadian weather.


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