But The Bone Is Too Far Away

But…But…It’s so HIGH UP THERE

See that picture there?  That’s been me the last few weeks.  The bone is a metaphor for a clean and organized house, a tidy and finished nursery, a filled with witty posts blog and an email inbox not full of un-responded to mail.  That dog is me.  Staring at something just out of my lazy-ass reach because I was too tired and sore to do anything about it.  Sitting at the computer was actually painful for awhile – my thumb and wrists are still healing.  So I’ll be coming back to this blog slowly.

The pressure is on.  The baby is almost here (one more month!) and my “nesting” instinct has yet to kick into high gear (I can usually still convince myself that playing Sims 3 on the PS3 is a much safer activity than laundry).  Tomorrow is the great clean up though.  The house is a mess so we need to get it clean and presentable.  Right now I wouldn’t have my own mother come by – and she knows what a slob I am!  The plan is that once the house is clean and I won’t be embarrassed to have company Fatherbean will invite some muscle to the house and rearrange things to my liking.  Of course we will also promise beer, pizza and possibly cupcakes.  Luckily he has many manly cousins to contact.

So starting this week I will grab that bone and devour it (not literally EWW I’ll leave it for Spitha) and my home will be clean and organized for a little while.  I hope.


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