I thought this would be kind of fun to try…

Formspring – if you are on there add me and feel free to ask me questions.  🙂  I’ll try and post the widget on my page permanently when I can figure out how.  Since what I needed was another social media – though I love the idea of random questions from people I get to answer.  Like my own eclectic advice column!

I should probably head to bed.  I’ve spent the better part of the day cuddling my poor Spitha who is terrified of fireworks and crawls under things to hide.  I always make sure I’m close to her so that she feels safe but I give her space to be afraid by herself.  She won’t eat tonight but there is food out in case.  I’m exhausted though from cleaning and organizing so…off to bed!  Goodnight moon.  Now go the f$%k to sleep.


Draw On My Walls!

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