I Can Hit The Share Button!

I finally have a few moments to myself to write a blog post (and guys it’s a doozy) but it will take editing and thinking upon – neither of which my exhausted and addled brain can accomplish tonight.  So, I will therefore shower thee with a plethora of YouTube shares from my favorite videos list.  Enjoy!

Orthodox Celts – Star of the Country Down – this is a traditiona Irish Celtic band formed in Belgrade and a favorite of Serbia.  They are also awesome.

This show is why I can never name my child Simon.  Because every time I hear the name the song starts playing in my head…

This just makes me happy because dogs + Star Wars = Giggles

This guy’s pretty good at accents.  Yeah.  Reminds me that when I was in California I got asked several times where I was from because my accent was strange to them.

If you don’t know what Mameshiba are then go look them up on YouTube and watch them.  NOW.

Whenever I have a life changing question I always wonder…what would Neil Patrick Harris do?

This is probably my not-created-by-my-brother favorite anime music video of all time.  Work of editing wonder.

How to be alone.  If you haven’t seen this video watch it now.  Please.  It’s beautiful.

Vincent Price makes anything better.

This is also amazing.  Watch.

Sometimes all we need is a little validation.  This is guaranteed to make you smile.  It’s long but SOOOO worth it!

And finally a video I made about my dog Princess after she died.  I know the font and color suck but I made it in grief and it helped to heal my broken heart.



Please Don’t Touch The Baby

He *is* adorably soft

My friend Anne over at The Belle Jar Blog (seriously, go check her out, she’s a funny intelligent mom who can write like a super hero) mentioned a question she gets asked quite a bit.  “Is he a good baby?”  I agree with her that this frequent question is bizarre and rather stupid.  What’s a bad baby?  Do you catch them in the playgroup bathroom smoking up?  Do they frequently steal pedal cars and drag race around the playground?  Do they hunt helpless stuffed animals in the middle of the night?  I can just picture the little babies running around all dressed in leather jackets and blue or pink headbands with cigarette shaped soothers and fake guns in their diapers.  Bad babies.  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Seriously though, I do get asked that question often and though horribly sarcastic responses run through my mind I usually answer kindly “Oh yes, he’s the best.  Good baby.”

Babybean is a cutie pie.  I’m biased but strangers tell me all the time how adorable he is so it must be true.  He’s also very alert for his age and is often on my shoulder looking around at all the things.  This has presented me with an unusual knack for attracting (mostly) unwanted attention when we are out.  People are constantly coming up and cooing in Bean’s face trying to get him to smile.  Personable child that he is he usually does.  This is where I get weird about things.

See…I’d rather people NOT TOUCH THE BABY.  Really.  How do I know where your hands have been?  If Bean was 3 years old would it be alright for a stranger to walk up to him, get him to smile, then start rubbing his feet?  I think not.  So why WHY is it alright to do it to a baby?

I’m looking at you Grandma

The one time I asked someone to not touch the baby they got all huffy.  So now I just hold him away from people and maneuver the way we are standing so they can’t reach the baby in the first place.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Am I just freaking out over nothing – really, I do worry about germs and allergens and skin irritants.  It gets me so anxious that when people come up to me now my first reaction is to grimace and back away slowly.

Hopefully this will lessen as he gets older and isn’t so “OMG NEWBORN BABY” cute.

In other news I’m working on non baby posts.  These just require more time than I can get on the computer and Babybean willing will someday finish and post.  Until then thanks for putting up with baby fever.  🙂



I had to reblog this smart and sassy piece of writing. I experienced some of it too! Enjoy!

The Belle Jar

I don’t know what’s in the water these days, but it seems like a ton of my friends are having babies this year. I’ve been to three baby showers in the past two weeks alone.

Of course, since I am a super self-involved person, all of this baby time has brought me back to those oh-so-special days when I was gestating Theo. Watching my friends get advice from other friends and acquaintances (and sometimes total strangers) has reminded me of the things that I found super unhelpful to hear while pregnant, and  also the things I actually found helpful.

So! I’ve made this useful little guide for you!

First of all, let’s start out with the basics:

1. DON’T: assume someone is pregnant, unless they actually, like, TELL YOU THEY ARE PREGNANT.

I know that this one seems obvious, but, sadly, it still needs to be said.


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These Are a Few of His Favorite Things

I don’t have much time tonight but in the interest of not letting this blog rot again I’m going to do a quick post before Babybean wakes up and demands to feed.  Speaking of breastfeeding did I ever mention that when Bean was a squishy faced little newborn attached to my breast he resembled someone.

Awwww…2 days old and already captain of a starship.

He looks like Patrick Stewart, I often thought.  No, seriously.  I don’t know if it was the angle or his hairline or his wrinkly forehead or a combo of all three but my newborn baby often reminded me of Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek TNG.  I sometimes wondered if he was going to point at my nipple and say “Make it so.”

Anyways, I got distracted there.  Now that Bean is 3 months old he’s showing favoritism for things in his world.  Other than my bosom I mean.  So here it is, a top 10 list of Bean’s favorite things.

1.  Throwing up down Father’s back.  One time he even managed to get baby puke down both Father’s shirt that he was wearing AND the shirt on the chair behind them.  For some reason I seem pretty immune to the curdled shoulder shower.

2.  Baths.  At first he hated them but then we discovered the secret to peaceful baby baths.  Take the bath with them!  Fill the tub, hop on in, have your significant other pass you the baby and voila!  Make sure to always sing a rousing rendition of Ernie’s “Rubber Ducky” as well.  This will also help with cleaning up the mess from favorite thing #1.

3.  This toy.

I found it for sale in the soon-to-be defunct Zellers and showed it to him.  He smiled REALLY wide and didn’t stop laughing at the thing for at least an hour.  It had to be his.  In fact he loves it so much I’m thinking of buying up their stock so we always have one.

4.  This book.

Admittedly I bought it because it involved cupcakes and had an adorable pumpkin inside.  Turns out the kawaii cartoons are just Bean’s style and he loves the words.  Plus I get to pretend to eat him up at the end.

5.  Ghost Hunters.  You know that show where a couple plumbers hunt for ghosts in America’s weirdest places?  I do and I love them.  I own all the seasons.  Turns out the black and white IR camera recording style is ROCKIN for keeping babies entertained.  Who knew?  Or maybe he can see all the ghosts cause he’s a paranormal kid.  He does make an OOoooOOooo sound a lot.

Mooooom it’s moving again!

6.  The dog.  Well, perhaps love is the wrong word as she tends to lick him in the inner thighs and tickle him with her whiskers.  Sometimes he loves it other times he doesn’t.  However he thought it was great fun when she gave him a headlicking while I was in the bathroom and couldn’t do anything about it.  His own doggie hairdresser.  Too bad he’s pretty much bald.

7.  Father’s workplace.  It’s a home decor store and full of shiny and colorful things for him to look at.  It is also full of co-worker women who love to love Bean and give him mucho attention.

It’s just a lamp. It doesn’t have feelings.

8.  Lamps.  On or off.  Since we brought this child home he has had a fascination with lamps.  Tall lamps, small lamps it doesn’t matter.  They are a source of amusement and talkings at.

9.  Fingers.  That’s right, give my child the finger and he will shut up.

No fire until you’re 18 young man.

10.  Music.  He’s pretty attentive to sights AND sounds so he seems to enjoy music.  So far his favorites are “We Are Young” by Fun,  “Fly Me To The Moon” sung by me and “Come What May” sung by me.  🙂

Babybean you amaze me every day.  I can’t wait to discover more of your favorite things.  Other moms please leave me a comment and let me know what are YOUR child’s favorite things?


Men Can Teach Young Kids Too!

I was all set to write a touching and heartfelt letter to my baby (he’s 3 months old today WOW) but something has been weighing on my mind as of late.  I have to get it out or I think I may just stay up another night working this blog post out in my head and not getting any much-needed sleep.  So here it is.

I know someone who is amazing with young children.  They are youthful, smart, creative, funny, educated and want so desperately to find a job in either elementary school or early childhood education but are having the WORST luck finding anything.  I know the economy is shitty and I know that there are few jobs and many applicants.  However, after many interviews and failed job meetings I’m starting to wonder if something else may be at play here, at least some of the time.  You see this talented teacher is a HE not a SHE and this disturbs people.

There have been two instances recently where this topic has come up and the outcome of the conversation was that a man who wants to work with small children MUST be some sort of creep.

The first was with a lady from my building.  She works as an ECE and I asked on my friend’s behalf if her workplace was hiring.  “Sure,” she says.  “But my boss won’t hire men.  Parents don’t like it and neither does she.”

The second was a joke cracked in my vicinity about how all male teachers of young kids are just pedophiles.  This “joke” was from a couple of moms who were talking about how glad they were that their kids ended up with a female teacher this year (grade 4).

Why is a guy teaching kids creepy?  I know full well there are guys out there who do terrible things.  I also know there are hundreds of guys who DON’T and who make great role models and mentors for tomorrow’s generation.  Is this some sort of weird sexism?  Women take care of young kids at home so should in school?  Women are educators?  Doesn’t seem to affect male high school teachers – only the younger grades.  When did this thought of male teacher = pedophile become so prevalent?

It’s unfair for this assumption to be made but it’s made all too frequently judging by the websites I’ve come across.   Comments abound where parents are upset that their young child is being taught by a male teacher.  They worry the man is bringing violence into the classroom, that he’s a sexual predator or that *gasp* he’s gay and will turn their kids gay.  Seriously, WTF?

I will not judge my son’s teachers on what’s between their legs but rather on their ability to do their job.  To guide my son in his studies with innovation and understanding.  To tap into his creativity in all things, to spark his imagination and to ignite his interest in math, science, art, music and more.  They will be judged by my parental eye on many things but NEVER their gender.  That’s the way it should be.

Perhaps we as parents who don’t mind having a male teacher in ECE and Elementary school should speak up.  We should praise principals who hire male teachers.  We should comment to ECE managers that we are open to male workers.  We should correct both the assumption that woman = childcare and men in childcare = creepy.  Perhaps then things will start to change for people like my friend.  I’d be proud to have him as Babybean’s teacher anytime.


The One Lovely Blog Award – Yay!

Hi.  It’s been ages and I’ve missed you.

A friend of mine decided to nominate my blog for this Lovely Blog Award and hopes it will give me the kick in the ass I need to get things moving again.  So I saddled Father with baby tonight and will make this award post my come back post.


Ok…the rules.

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

Anne – The Belle Jar – Go check out her blog.  She’s an awesome lady, a witty and amusing writer, and has so much to share.

Thank you!  I’m honoured to receive this award and touched you enjoy my blog so much.

2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.


3. Share 7 things about yourself.

This is just a fraction of my animated collection of wonder.

1)  I love cartoons.  When given the choice I would usually rather watch a cartoon over a live-action show or movie.  I put on Howl’s Moving Castle when I clean.  I watch Sailor Moon or Lilo and Stitch when I’m having a particularly bad day.  The Real Ghostbusters cartoon is always in my DVD rotation (my mom got me the 200 dollar complete collection for Christmas – there is a picture somewhere of me screaming in delight when I opened it).  The Last Unicorn still makes me teary-eyed no matter how many times I watch it.  In high school I wanted to be an animator.  That didn’t work out.  But my cartoon collection keeps growing.  My current obsession is My Little Ponies Friendship Is Magic, Adventure Time and Avatar – The Legend of Korra.

They guard my underwear drawer from alien invasion.

2) I collect plush rottweilers.  I own 27 different kinds at this moment.  They live in a basket bassinet in my bedroom.  It is a bassinet of black and tan fuzzy goodness.  Can you guess what my favorite breed of dog is?

3) I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know.  I used to consider myself a bit of a candy expert when I lived in Toronto and worked for Sugar Mountain.  I was surrounded by candy from all over the world and proudly boasted that I had tasted everything in the store at least once.  Except for anything involving black licorice.  That shit is gross, yo.

4) I have two tattoos.  The one on my back is a wolf and a cheetah in a circle.  The wolf is representative of my Father and the cheetah my Mother – the animals I associate with them.  When I showed the tattoo to my mom and explained the meaning she said she was both “horrified and flattered” at the same time.

The other tattoo is the Ghostbuster symbol on my right arm.  Where they wear their patches on their suits.  I even measured.  I mean it, I took out a tape measure and everything.  If I was to wear that suit with this patch – that is where on my arm it would land.  People ask my why I got it.  Sometimes I want to answer “Because I just ADORED Back to the Future, don’t you?”   Also on this topic I got to meet Ernie Hudson (Winston) at a comic con in Toronto.  He was super nice and gave me a hug.  I nerdgasmed for the rest of the day.  He didn’t believe the tattoo was real at first and came around the desk to touch it.  He also signed (for free) a drawing I had done of him.  So I have my original artwork signed by the Ghostbuster it is of.  Hell yeah.

5) I hate The Tragically Hip.  The singer’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me and I cringe and turn off the songs anytime I hear them.  I also hate Jello Biafra (from The Dead Kennedy’s) and will nearly pass out at the sound of his voice.

6) I am fascinated by the paranormal and have been ever since I was a little girl.  I used to read “More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” and scare myself with the pictures.  Seriosly, that stuff was FREAKY!

I also lived in a haunted house when I was 10 and have had two more prolific ghost encounters later on in life.  If I could I would have more.  Someday I would like to hunt ghosts with scientific equipment.  I even have a digital voice recorder should the opportunity arise.  This probably is connected to my love/obsession with Ghostbusters.  Mabye.

7) I got married on the bank of the Yukon river in Dawson City.  If you don’t know where that is look it up on google.  I’ll tell the story in another post.  Was cool to do it where there is so much history.  Hope to go back there someday.  Was a beautiful city and if anyone is thinking of a vacation I recommend there!

4. Pass the Award to 15 nominees

I don’t know 15 bloggers so I will have to do less than that.  Here are some of my favorite blogs whom I think will like the award.

400 Days ’til 40 – Great blog filled with awesome insights into life before40

Dear #$&!% Baby – Adorable baby + Humorous Mother = Awesome posts about motherhood!

Broken Condoms – Sweet lady pregnant around the same time I was.  🙂

The Waiting – Great blog mix of adorable baby, motherhood and other adventures.

Edible Noir – Creative adventures with food and one of the most inspiring ladies I know!

Valkyri – A good friend whom I will not link to out of respect for her privacy but will still give the award to.

Pregnant Twent-Six And Terrified – Insightful and emotional posts about becoming a mother – honest and beautiful.

5. Include this Set of Rules.

Okie Dokie!

6. Inform the nominees by a comment on their blogs.

Working on that now.

So thanks again Belle Jar for the nomination and it has gotten me back – although this post was two days in the making.  🙂  Oh, and everyone….BABY….