Please Don’t Touch The Baby

He *is* adorably soft

My friend Anne over at The Belle Jar Blog (seriously, go check her out, she’s a funny intelligent mom who can write like a super hero) mentioned a question she gets asked quite a bit.  “Is he a good baby?”  I agree with her that this frequent question is bizarre and rather stupid.  What’s a bad baby?  Do you catch them in the playgroup bathroom smoking up?  Do they frequently steal pedal cars and drag race around the playground?  Do they hunt helpless stuffed animals in the middle of the night?  I can just picture the little babies running around all dressed in leather jackets and blue or pink headbands with cigarette shaped soothers and fake guns in their diapers.  Bad babies.  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Seriously though, I do get asked that question often and though horribly sarcastic responses run through my mind I usually answer kindly “Oh yes, he’s the best.  Good baby.”

Babybean is a cutie pie.  I’m biased but strangers tell me all the time how adorable he is so it must be true.  He’s also very alert for his age and is often on my shoulder looking around at all the things.  This has presented me with an unusual knack for attracting (mostly) unwanted attention when we are out.  People are constantly coming up and cooing in Bean’s face trying to get him to smile.  Personable child that he is he usually does.  This is where I get weird about things.

See…I’d rather people NOT TOUCH THE BABY.  Really.  How do I know where your hands have been?  If Bean was 3 years old would it be alright for a stranger to walk up to him, get him to smile, then start rubbing his feet?  I think not.  So why WHY is it alright to do it to a baby?

I’m looking at you Grandma

The one time I asked someone to not touch the baby they got all huffy.  So now I just hold him away from people and maneuver the way we are standing so they can’t reach the baby in the first place.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Am I just freaking out over nothing – really, I do worry about germs and allergens and skin irritants.  It gets me so anxious that when people come up to me now my first reaction is to grimace and back away slowly.

Hopefully this will lessen as he gets older and isn’t so “OMG NEWBORN BABY” cute.

In other news I’m working on non baby posts.  These just require more time than I can get on the computer and Babybean willing will someday finish and post.  Until then thanks for putting up with baby fever.  🙂




3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Touch The Baby

  1. Luckily no strangers have swooped in and tried to touch C while we’re out, although we do get tons of comments. However, I would TOTALLY feel as you do if anyone tried to touch her. You just don’t know where people have been or what else they’ve touched.

  2. Strangers still touch Theo, even now that he’s older. Weirdly, it doesn’t bother me that much. In an unfriendly city like Toronto, I actually kind of appreciate the fact that an itty bitty baby makes people feel like we’re all one big family. It takes a village, right? Then again, I am a weirdo.

    A friend of mine had similar anxiety to yours – what she found worked best was to say to people, “do you mind not touching him? I’m an anxious new mom, and I know I’m being totally silly, but it makes me nervous”. I think it worked well for her because it was something that a lot of people understood and could identify with.

    I did have some germophobia with Theo, but I had to get over that fast once he became mobile. Once they’re crawling, you lose a lot of control over what they do and don’t touch 😛

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