I Can Hit The Share Button!

I finally have a few moments to myself to write a blog post (and guys it’s a doozy) but it will take editing and thinking upon – neither of which my exhausted and addled brain can accomplish tonight.  So, I will therefore shower thee with a plethora of YouTube shares from my favorite videos list.  Enjoy!

Orthodox Celts – Star of the Country Down – this is a traditiona Irish Celtic band formed in Belgrade and a favorite of Serbia.  They are also awesome.

This show is why I can never name my child Simon.  Because every time I hear the name the song starts playing in my head…

This just makes me happy because dogs + Star Wars = Giggles

This guy’s pretty good at accents.  Yeah.  Reminds me that when I was in California I got asked several times where I was from because my accent was strange to them.

If you don’t know what Mameshiba are then go look them up on YouTube and watch them.  NOW.

Whenever I have a life changing question I always wonder…what would Neil Patrick Harris do?

This is probably my not-created-by-my-brother favorite anime music video of all time.  Work of editing wonder.

How to be alone.  If you haven’t seen this video watch it now.  Please.  It’s beautiful.

Vincent Price makes anything better.

This is also amazing.  Watch.

Sometimes all we need is a little validation.  This is guaranteed to make you smile.  It’s long but SOOOO worth it!

And finally a video I made about my dog Princess after she died.  I know the font and color suck but I made it in grief and it helped to heal my broken heart.



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