My Brain Is Spealunkured

Cramma-jammed.  Uppadocked.  And any other nonsensical word I can think of.

I keep coming here to write a post – or finish the multitude of posts I already started – but stare at a blank screen with a blank stare.

Bean is teething (yes – at 4 mths) and is extra clingy and needy and adorably lovable.  I’m his everything right now without much of a break so it’s been taxing to say the least.  I’m exhausted and anything I try to write  comes out flammerblastered.  See?

In my head are the most wonderful colours though.  I wish you could see.  Perhaps the universe is saying I should put down the computer and the ipod and pick up the brush again.  

Perhaps I will.  When I’m not feeling so whistledoddeled.  



2 thoughts on “My Brain Is Spealunkured

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