Hooray For The Hoodie – A Luv Story


Hoodies are sassy.

If I was a regeneration of The Doctor and I had to pick one piece of clothing that would represent “my Doctor” it would be the hoodie. Most likely a purple one with some sort of funky urban-esque pattern.  I would travel through time and space saving planets and civilizations in my hoodie and eating cupcakes.

I love hoodies.  I own more hoodies than any other piece of clothing.  Some tell a story, like the zip-up hoodie I bought at Disturbed’s Indestructible tour where my husband got to see them play for the very first time (and fell in love, as I did, with David Draiman).  I had to run to every merch booth in the place to find one in my size and snatched up the last XL.  There’s the pull-over hoodie my mom got me for Christmas a couple of years ago that is waterproof.  Yes, I can wear a hoodie when it rains.  

This Christmas my mother got me the best hoodie ever!  A hoodie that is also a jacket and will keep you warm in -15 degree weather.  Mind.  Blown. This jacket-hoodie is soft, fuzzy and sports a trendy red and black checked pattern.  The hood is really large (a must on ANY good hoodie) and I have worn it on the coldest of days with nothing but a tank top underneath.  Now I can wear my favourite piece of clothing year round!  Thanks Mommy!


Does anyone else always picture monks hitting themselves with their books thanks to Monty Python? For serious, I can never see monks without laughing now.

The hoodie can trace it’s history all the way back to medieval Europe where monks wore a type of hooded cowl as formal wear.  In the 1930’s Champion created the first hooded sweatshirt for workers who toiled away in the freezing temperatures of upstate New York.  This hooded sweatshirt took off in the 1970’s due to the rise of hip-hop culture and interest of high fashion icons.  It wasn’t until the 1990’s though that we started calling it a “hoodie” and it was worn by skateboarders, rap artists, surfers, university students, hooligans and petty criminals – and pretty much everyone else.  


And neon. Which is also coming back. And I kinda like it.

The 90’s is when my love affair with hoodies began.  I was an awkward and shy teenager desperate to hide my “curves” from the critical eye of my classmates.  I could buy hoodies sizes larger than my body and hide away in the soft lining.  When out and about I could pull the hood up, put on my earphones and drain out the world.  In my early 20’s hoodies became much more of a fashion statement for me.  When I was goth they were all black with skulls and metal bands emblazoned across them.  When I was a raver they were brightly coloured, often with cute characters on them.  Now I have a small collection of hoodies for my baby to wear because babies in hoodies are cute as hell.

I have a few rules for myself when buying a new hoodie.  They must be at least one size bigger than my body so I can bury myself in them when I’m sick.  They must have a large hood that easily fits over my head if I was wearing a hat – if the hood is too small what’s the point?  And they must be soft.  I’m a sucker for hoodies lined with fuzzy fabric – like slipping into the skin of a butchered stuffed animal.


Those stuffed bears didn’t stand a chance. I watch anime. I know how Japanese girls fight.

I’m wearing a hoodie right now.  It’s a bright green colour that always reminds me of my days stuffing the pockets with candy and dancing the night away in some club.  Now it’s an easy piece of clothing to wear with a baby (did I mention easily washed?) and comes with a string for the hood that Arthur loves to chew on.  Plus if I put the hood on it makes him smile and laugh.  Apparently I look funny in a hood.

Hoodie Fun-Facts

In the province of Saskatchewan hoodies are sometimes referred to as “bunny-hugs”.

In New Zealand they have a hoodie day to battle the stereotypes that young hoodie wearers are all hooligans.

In the UK Bluewater shopping center banned the wearing of hoodies and baseball caps but still had them up for sale!


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