Going Back To Work – Decisions, Decisions

I wish someone had told me that I would need to start looking into daycares so early.  Like before I even healed from the c-section early.  The waiting lists are 3 mths long at least, even more so for us (since we are applying for subsidy).

I don’t have a lot of time.  My maternity leave will be up in May (my apologies to my US readers for what will seem to you like a whiny-bitch rant from a lucky Canadian) and I need to figure out a source of income fast.  I would also like to give my previous awesome workplace an answer to “when/are you coming back?”.

Ideally I would be a SAHM.  I’d wear adorable aprons and back goodies while nurturing my growing boy with fun outings and nutritious homemade food.  Also the house would sparkle and the dog would be content and my lipstick would always be perfect.


A cake made with love. Or poison. Or both.

Are you laughing at my delusions yet?  I am. I’ve had 8 months to perfect this but my house is SO not clean, Fred cooks many of his own meals, and I don’t even remember how to apply lipstick.  Arthur is happy and nurtured though and that’s the major hurdle, right?

Truthfully though the reason I can’t stay home has nothing to do with nurturing or the ability to make my bathroom sparkle.  It’s money.  Money to buy gas.  Food.  Pay for electricity and internet. House payments. What with hubby in school full time we’re walking on glass as it is.

Also ideally I’d be a WAHM.  I’d find a job I could do over the internet with my mad google-fu and facebooking prowess that would pay the bills with a little something left over for the occaisional cupcake treat.  Granted with this added responsibility my housekeeping would take an even worse nosedive but hey, that’s the price I’d pay for the chance to be with Arthur all the time.  And any other little ones we are planning for in the near future.  Which we are.

So if being a stay or work at home mom (or fantasy 50’s housewife) isn’t a reasonable option for me right now, what is?

Go back to work.  This option depends on many factors – me having the car, having very specific shifts, not working weekends, finding the right daycare, getting daycare subsidy (because if we don’t then i’d be working to pay for daycare with a take home of $20 a day).

Become my own daycare.  I could take a couple kids into my home through the week.  Arthur would have playmates and I wouldn’t have to leave him.  A few things hinder this plan but on the whole there are more positives than negatives to it.  I’d have to get an updated first aid and a police check.  And completely re-arrange and de-clutter the apartment.  But this option is more and more doable the more I think about it.  I would only take two children on top of Arthur – one infant, one older.  I live close to a park and library and early years center. Pretty ideal location actually.

Another option has me looking after furry four-legged children.  Dogs.  I could dog sit or dog walk.  I have a friend who does this (both walks dogs and takes them into her home for a weekend or so) and would be fully capable of doing both.  I’m going to explore this option more as well.

Are you a stay at home mom?  Do you work from home?  Look after children?  I’d love to hear other stories – may give me a clue to make up my mind about what to do.  I hate having everything up in the air like this.  I’m open to suggestions to find my ideal solution!


Everything I do, I do for him.


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