My Little Big Boy

011Oh my god.  He was so tiny.  Look at that little red face.  8 pounds 7 ounces of beautiful baby boy.  I waited so long for this little man to enter my life and that life has changed in so many amazingly wonderful ways since he arrived.  I never knew I could love something so damn much.

I find myself commenting during the day how big he is.  Arthur’s 27 pounds of baby at 8.5 months and is standing as tall as most the 1 year olds we meet.  He’s crawling and can almost stand on his own without holding onto something.  He babbles constantly and I can just see those bright eyes taking in the world and figuring out his next big move.


He’s growing and changing so damn fast.  I cried today as I put away the clothes he doesn’t fit anymore.  Soon he’ll be walking and causing no end of destruction in the house.  As I said he’s such a big boy.

But at night I get glimpses of the first three months of his life.  When he’s fast asleep and searching for me in the bed he looks just like he did days old.  Eyes closed, arms flailing, mouth puckered and making small suckling noises.  When he latches, puts his hands gently on my breast and dream feeds I just melt.

I love the little noises he makes.  The way he caresses my skin with his tiny little fingers.  Those tiny hands always remind me that despite his big personality and fast-growing body he’s still so very small.  And I will do everything to protect this little big life.



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