The List’s The Thing – 10 Things About Being A Mom

Lists.  They’re so hot right now.  Everyone’s doing it.

Anne at Belle Jar Blog did a list called “15 Assumptions That Might Be Useful To Make”

Make Me A Sammich posted (the very important) “10 Things Rape Is Not”

This one:  The Ten Commandments of Blog Comments I found super-useful (especially now with so many new readers and comments – HEY ALL WHAT UP?

And then there’s “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sloths” (you’re welcome!)

So in the spirit of international post-a-list day (i’m just kidding, stop panicking and trying to find the bullet points on your computer) here’s my list.


1)   Having a baby means you can make a damn fool of yourself in public and it’s ok.  Such as singing “Some Nights” at the top of your lungs in the Wal-Mart parking lot or making weird babble-y noises while walking through the mall.

2)   Finally someone likes and applauds my singing.  And asks for more.

3)   I get to revisit all the awesome things I LOVED as a child and see them again through the eyes of my child.  I showed him the Real Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80’s today and he crapped his pants.  Though that might have been a coincidence.

4)   I don’t need alcohol to laugh hysterically while rolling around on the floor anymore.  Just a baby giving me raspberries on my tummy or wrestling-style slamming his tummy into mine.

5)   I can avoid conversations with pushy salespeople at mall kiosks (Dead sea lotion guys I’m looking at you) by pretending my baby is stinky/hungry/dangerous.

6)   There’s nothing like a mobile baby in the house to motivate dwellers to clean up after themselves.

7)   People don’t think I’m talking to myself anymore.

8)   Babies bring family and friends closer.  Also the elderly.  Whether you want them to or not.

9)   My breasts finally have a purpose above annoying me/attracting attention.  They are the perfect shelf for snacks baby hasn’t finished yet.

10)  The fact that finally someone in this house is adorably and fashionably dressed.

This post was sponsored by the wonderful day out with Arthur I had today where we traversed the wilds of Brampton, made new friends and avoided old enemies.

I constantly make lists and itineraries and then can’t stick to any of them – Freema Agyeman


6 thoughts on “The List’s The Thing – 10 Things About Being A Mom

  1. Right on with number 7! I used to get weird looks when it was just me and my dog but now holding a baby makes it o.k.
    Sadly, the only list I can come up with right now is how many things in my house need to be cleaned.

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