This Blog Is Not Tested On Animals


Europe has banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals (or that contain ingredients that were tested on animals).  This makes the European Union the first zone in the world to have and enforce such a ban.

While I may not like it I understand that there is a need for animal testing in medicine.  However cosmetic animal testing does not need to happen.  There are other methods.  And really, life-saving surgery and drugs are necessary, mascara is not.

It’s hard to shop cruelty free.  Many companies that say their products are not tested on animals still test the ingredients.  Or they don’t test in North America but are more than happy to test on animals when selling in other countries.  They don’t practice what they preach and that irks me.

I’d like to slowly replace all our household cosmetic and cleaning products with cruelty-free alternatives.  If they are good-for-the-Earth as well I’m sold.  I want Arthur to know that I practice what I preach.  That being kind extends to all living things, not just other humans.

So far I’ve replaced my shampoo, conditioner, face wash and hand lotion.  All from Lush Cosmetics who are not only against animal-testing they actively fight against it.  They were a big part in the petition that helped Europe sign off on the ban.  They are hosting an online petition for North America to do the same.

I love Lush’s products.  They are also Earth-friendly and handmade by actual people.  I like that I’m supporting a company that supports my community.  I encourage you to give them a try and if you are unsure of where to start stop in and talk to a sales associate.  They are really nice and uber-excited about the product they are selling.  I would be too if I worked there!

For make-up (other than Lush) I enjoy Pure Fusion Cosmetics.  She’s Canadian and hand makes these fantastic mineral eye shadows.

One product at a time can really make a difference.  To find more companies that are cruelty-free visit The Leaping Bunny – there’s even a booklet you can order to carry with you so you can check while shopping!

Having a child has made me more aware of the footprint I am leaving on this world and of the stories behind the consumer choices that I make.  If I continue to make small changes it doesn’t seem so overwhelming and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  One step at a time.



One thought on “This Blog Is Not Tested On Animals

  1. I don’t think I knew that about Lush, but I am certainly down with their policies! Thanks for writing this because now I’m off to check and see if their shampoos and soaps we buy are cruelty-free. If they are not, they will be replaced 😀

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