Break for Unicorns

Taking a break from the internet for a month.  Will return in May.  Have to get my shit together and concentrate on some offline issues.  Don’t worry, nothing too terrible.  We’re all relatively healthy and such.  🙂  See you soon!


Wee Cee’s Bloggy Birthday Extravaganza!

Arthur took part in the first (online) birthday party for Wee C, the adorable girl of one of my favourite bloggers Emily! Go on and check out the post – there’s presents and cake1

The Waiting

Welcome to Wee Cee’s first birthday party, here at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks! As C is getting bigger, she is becoming slightly obsessed with animals, so what better locale for her birthday party than a farm! MamaSheri has graciously opened her home to us to celebrate C’s first birthday, and her Angora goats couldn’t be happier. Babies and fluffy aminals go hand-in-hand.

First to arrive at C’s party are little baby Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher and little baby Lisa. They heard that Wee Cee recently outgrew her own sailor dress and decided to don their nautical garb to her first birthday party. The marine contingent must be properly represented at any and all children’s birthday parties.

Sporadically blogging but with a vengeance is C’s future father-in-law, Ande from & Squatch Makes Three. He must be on Spring Break because he was able to make an appearance at…

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