Bloggers Who Have Changed Me

“I will no longer let the fear of vicious comments or replies stop me from speaking what I believe to be right. I will also never give a message that everybody will agree with. I know that even my most faithful followers will never agree 100% with what I say. I also know that they know that and are fine with it.

I am done letting the bullies win. They won’t anymore. Not here.”
― Dan PearceSingle Dad Laughing

How has blogging changed my life?

Perhaps someday the writing of my blog will have a profound effect on me enough to warrant writing about it.  For now, though, the real change to my life has come from reading the writing of other bloggers.  I’ve been exposed to viewpoints and issues I never would have had I not begun following some very awesome bloggers.  I’ve joined this little community and had great discussions around motherhood, pregnancy, feminism and too many other things to list.

So to answer this question allow me to share the blogs of people who have made a significant impact on my life.

Make Me A Sammich – This no-nonsense feminist gal has educated me on everything from feminism to trigger warnings in her brilliant posts.  When she has something to say, I listen.

The Belle Jar – It’s no secret that I love this woman.  She is full of fire, whether it’s writing about rape culture, feminism, racism or her adorable family.

Indie Music Mom – Changing how I view music for my child one non-nursery rhyme at a time.

Amalah – The original mommy blogger I found on the net and the person who inspired me to start blogging my troubles and successes with my pregnancy.  The rest has grown from there.

Raising My Rainbow – One of the first blogs I began reading on WordPress – a woman raising her gender non-conforming son.  Sparked my current line of thinking on gender and the roles we force our children into.

The Waiting – She’s a fun and fearless blogger with a witty and humorous style of writing.  I came for the mommy blogs and stayed for the puns.

Black Dog Runner – A new blog on my roll, but one that deals with what it’s like to live with depression and anxiety.  I love the way he talks about depression and found so much in common when reading the posts.

So there you go.  The blogs that have or that continue to inspire me, all in different ways.  Sure, I read many other blogs and am discovering new voices everyday – but these ones, they stay with me.  I hope you find them to your liking as well.


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