Red Boots Of Hope



This has been a hard soul-sucking winter.  For people like myself who’s depression is worse when the nights are long it’s been especially grueling.  The face-freezing cold meant days when I couldn’t take Bean out of the house for fear he would return with a frosty upper lip.  Living in the city like I do means that the snow wasn’t particularly fun to play in anyways.  Icy and full of salt and sand.  Here kid, welcome to winter, no – really – snow is white.  I mean, it looks black there and there and there but that’s just pollution and car barf.  If we dig around a bit I bet we can find white.

Then mother nature had to tease us with a day of pure bliss.  Sunshine radiating down on us.  I saw people in shorts and t-shirts.  Car windows rolled down and thumping stereos turned up.  I took Bean outside and let him wade in the giant puddles of water forming around our apartment.

Then the next day we are hit with a gigantic blizzard that closed schools and stopped public transit in it’s tracks. Hubby stayed home and we spent the day cooped up inside while Bean destroyed the house (as an energetic toddler with nothing better to do will usually accomplish when stuck inside all day).  

So today while out at the mall I bought Bean some red rubber boots.  They are Lightning McQueen boots and every time he looks at them he says “Vroom Vroom” and pushes the toes in (because that’s what all the adults do to the shoes he’s in!).

This means Spring has to come and the snow HAS to thaw into giant puddles.

I have an adorable puddle jumper raring to go.  You don’t want to make him cry, do you Mother Nature?  



6 thoughts on “Red Boots Of Hope

    • Bean hasn’t taken them off. He slept in them last night, and is currently tromping around the apartment in them. 🙂 I might have to get myself some and splash in those oncoming puddles too! If enough of us think positive for some spring, it’s going to come. I know it!

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