Me And Mine

I always imagined that if I was a cupcake I would look all sparkly and fun and sweet on the outside – with purple icing and vanilla cake – but on the inside would be an unexpected surprise only the bravest of the brave could bite into.


Luckily I met a man who is not afraid of my inner cupcake and we now share in mutual love, affection and weirdness.  And nerdiness.  Can’t forget the nerdiness.


We are recent parents of an equally weird, fun, sweet, affectionate, interesting, adorable, wonderful, loving, amazing, smart, strong, happy and (Some Nights by)fun. loving little boy.  Also he’s a ginger.  The Doctor would be jealous.

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Our family would not be complete without the pitter patter of little paws.  Or in Spitha’s case the tippety-tap of dancing toes.  She’s a sweet dog who loves cuddles and pets and the occasional walk.  She watches over the youngest pack member with patience and tolerance.


My husband.  My little boy.  My sweet rescue.  These are a few of my VERY favourite things.


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