NaBloPoMo Kick Off – 5 Interesting Things About Me

I’m really bad at these lists.  I don’t consider myself to be particularly interesting.  I mean, I probably used to be but these days it’s a never ending stream of toddler tantrums, dirty diapers, stressed out husbands and tired mommy.  With a bit of comic store tomfoolery thrown in for good measure.  But I committed to this NaBloPoMo thing so here goes:

5 Interesting Things About MamaBean*


Sailor Moon sparked my New Age interests

When I was sixteen I used to light incense and pray to the Goddess Venus because I felt an affinity to an anime character.  Sailor Venus to be exact.  My five friends and I had chosen (or, to be fair, had chosen for us) a character to represent us from the popular anime Sailor Moon.  Mine was Sailor Venus, partly because of my astrological sign being Libra ruled by Venus, partly because I wanted her long blonde hair and adorable blue eyes.  Around this time I became interested in astrology and tarot cards and created my own small ritual in which I would light some incense, say a small “prayer” to Venus and do a reading.  I hadn’t yet been exposed to the pagan community or even Wicca at this point, so I was doing this stuff blindfolded.  Venus/Aphrodite remains with me to this day though my connection to her is not as intense.  Oh, and I also still love me some Sailor Moon anime.

My very first crush was on Dan Akroyd – but as Ray from Ghostbusters

If you know me you know it’s no secret I love Ghostbusters.  If I had to discard all other fandoms and only choose one, it would be that.  When I was growing up I watched the Real Ghostbusters religiously and my parents always let me put the movie on around Halloween.  I made a proton pack out of an old cereal box and paper tube and ran around catching ghosts in the local park.  As I got a bit older I started to look at the Ray character in a different light.  I thought Mr Akroyd was cute.  I was happy when he was happy and always eagerly anticipated his on-screen appearance.  I loved the character’s enthusiasm, his ability to believe first and ask questions later, his child-like innocence.  If I could have made Ray Stanz into a real person I’d have married him.  That’s right, I was a crazy fangirl before it was cool.  What, it’s not cool?  Well at least before the internet where I could find others like me and collectively squeal.  This gal had to squeal over Ray all by her lonesome.

The first time I ever went to a male strip club I nearly died laughing.

No, really.  Sorry fellas but floppy penis’ just don’t do it for me.  I mean, it started out good when a handsome fella strutted out on stage wearing some form of uniform (I had a soft spot for the fire fighter) but it went pretty much downhill once the clothes started coming off.  Then all the clothes were off and the guy is only wearing a white towel and playing peekaboo with his penis while he smiles and thrusts about on stage.  Not to mention the flap-wap sound that echoed over the techno beats as said penis thwacked the dude’s thighs.  Other girls were eating this act up whilst I had to hide myself in the corner and drown my laughter in a fruity pink drink.  I had to leave when the karate dressed guy started doing naked back flips.  I couldn’t take anymore hilarity.

I am deathly allergic to cats.

I like cats but I don’t have much experience with them as being around them for any period of time could kill me.  Heck, even being around someone who has enough cat dander on their coat sends me into asthmatic fits.  There is no pill, no shot, no puffer that can cure this.  I’ve looked.  I hate not being able to go to a friend’s house and chill, seeing as it would be the last thing I ever do.  Also, this has to be one of the suckiest allergies to have when part of the Pagan community.  Because if there’s one pet witches have in common, it’s cats.  Also in the realm of truly fucked up allergies – I am allergic to the adhesive used in medical tape and band aids.  Because having a cut isn’t enough, my skin needs to break out in a painful rash while treating the injury.

I used to be a raver.

You know in the 90’s those crazy people walking around wearing brightly coloured clothes with the top too teeny weeny and the pant legs really fucking huge?  The same people who wore a baby soother on a string and could often be seen munching more than their fair share of candy?  Yeah, I was one of those.  Give me a lolly, a glowstick and a funky necklace and I rocked that dance floor.  It’s still somewhat ingrained in me as I have a fondness for happy hardcore, loose jeans and judge my son’s pacifiers on chew-ability.

So there you have it.  Five things about me.  If you aren’t satisfied and want to know more, feel free to leave me a question in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer.  But fair is fair…tell me one interesting fact about you in exchange!


I still think he’s adorkable. Look at that poof!

*degrees of interest may vary depending on reader.


Taking A Risk – NaBloPoMo

I’m going to give this “post every day for a month” thing a try.  I mean, I’m full of things to talk about.  Breastfeeding, parenting, cupcakes, comics, my son, my dog, my attempt to clean my house and keep my sanity.

The theme this month is “Risk” and there are some neat prompts from the NaBloPoMo organizers.  This will be a challenge for me to complete a blog post every day for a month.  Many times I sit down and get sidetracked, or the words won’t come out or (the most common) I’m just too damn tired.

We bought a diaper for Spitha today.  A reusable doggie diaper that she will no doubt hate.  The last time we tried diapers (disposable) it was the most pathetic thing.  She just…stood there.  Staring.  At me.  With those pathetically sad eyes of hers.  I wish I could explain to her that I’m sorry but I want my son (who is now fully mobile and not contained within the confines of the living room) to crawl about the whole apartment (childproofed areas) without crawling through dog urine.  Also I’m kinda tired of stepping in it myself.  Plus she’ll be happier if she can be with us too.  The diaper is cloth so hopefully she’ll get used to it faster.

Also I lucked out and ended up at the grocery store when they were giving out samples of chocolate.  SCORE.

Well, since I’ll be blogging my fingers off starting tomorrow I guess I’ll call it a night.  I have video games to play plus my hubby and I are watching “The Prisoner” from the late 60’s early 70’s.  I keep expecting the Beatles or Monkees to pop up and start singing.

So goodnight readers (and hello to all my new followers).  Here is a picture of adorable just because.

arthurphone 004