Adventures At the Local Trendy Mall

There are two malls where I live.  The one closest to me has practical stores full of good deals for families and moms.  The other mall is the one I hung out at when I was 16 and trying to be “trendy” and “fashionable”.  It’s only gotten worse as the city matured and is now full of fashionable stores carrying the latest and greatest of clothes and must have electronics.  Plus the food court has great Thai food.   Coconut shrimp.  So GOOD.

Today I got up and fancied myself up.  After all I was going to the trendy mall to eat lunch with an adorable and fashionable friend whom I hadn’t seen for awhile.  She’s a good friend and one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is also always beautifully and uniquely dressed and inspires me to do the same.  So black skirt, pretty white top with ruffles (in which I look pregnant and not horribly overweight) and my new undulation scarf it was.  Then I actually put on make-up and put some product in my hair and was out the door.  Twenty dollars in my pocket, a bag full of gifts for my friend and hope that I could make it more than an hour before having to collapse into a chair.  That’s me on the bus trying to look like I’m not taking my own picture.  I’m obsessed with my new Hipstamatic App for my iPod – so here is a Hipstamatic picture journal of my day.

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My Favorite Shoes – Almost a Eulogy

My feet have a love affair happening that they just can’t seem to give up.  Especially now when they have ballooned to extra enormous proportions – I swear I had ankles six months ago – and don’t fit in any other footwear I own (which, admittedly, is not much).  They’ve given up their favoritism of the flip-flops and slipped into well-worn fake leather and crumbling fabric.

I don’t own many shoes at all.  Let’s see if I can name them all – two pairs of flip-flops in different puples, one pair of red and black men’s skater shoes and one pair of brown mary-jane style shoes that don’t actually fit me and I bought because hey, $10.00, and crazily thought I could bend them to my will.  Or my foot shape.  Or something.

I would LOVE to have a shoe closet full of shoes like these:

Aren’t these ADORABLY SEXY? Don’t you just want them? I know I do!

But alas, my feet are not meant for shoes such as these. My non-pregnant shoe size is a whopping 11 wide. They just don’t make shoes like this for women in those sizes. I routinely have to shop in the men’s section just to find shoes that fit – hence the men’s skate shoes.  Once, in my 20’s, I stumbled into a shop in Toronto that sold men’s sizes in women’s shoes (they were close to the local “drag” strip of clubs and bars) and I just about died.  I bought a horribly expensive pair of heels that I wore for YEARS and YEARS.  Sadly, the shop closed down before I could save up for another pair.

Which is why, when I found these beauties and slipped them on I felt like Cinderella finding her prince!  Except my prince came in the shape of last year’s Sketcher’s back-to-school offering.

And here they are. Aren’t they GORGEOUS?

When they were new they were shiny and black.  They went with absolutely everything (which in my wardrobe means jeans, t-shirts and the occasional skirt) so I wore them with absolutely everything.  I could slip them on and go and the treads were strong enough to survive into the winter when I would be inevitably forced to buy boots.  I’ve worn these shoes for so long that if you were to ask me when I bought them I would just shake my head and laugh.  I have no idea.  It was over 5 years ago…that’s as far back as I could calculate.

They are a sad sight now.  They are scuffed beyond repair and the fabric inside is peeling away showing only a glimpse of the glorious purple and black tartan design that was there.  The soul is cracked and breaking apart.  But oh, how I love these shoes.  No other shoes have ever compared to these.  Sketchers doesn’t make them anymore and I have never found another like them.  So until the soul cracks completely or the fake leather rips I will proudly wear these shoes with my pregnancy skirts and beyond.  When they do finally succumb to wear-and-tear I will place them in a shoe box and bury them in the yard with a small marker proclaiming their awesomeness.  They deserve that much having been such good friends to me and my feet for all these years.