Please Don’t Touch The Baby

He *is* adorably soft

My friend Anne over at The Belle Jar Blog (seriously, go check her out, she’s a funny intelligent mom who can write like a super hero) mentioned a question she gets asked quite a bit.  “Is he a good baby?”  I agree with her that this frequent question is bizarre and rather stupid.  What’s a bad baby?  Do you catch them in the playgroup bathroom smoking up?  Do they frequently steal pedal cars and drag race around the playground?  Do they hunt helpless stuffed animals in the middle of the night?  I can just picture the little babies running around all dressed in leather jackets and blue or pink headbands with cigarette shaped soothers and fake guns in their diapers.  Bad babies.  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Seriously though, I do get asked that question often and though horribly sarcastic responses run through my mind I usually answer kindly “Oh yes, he’s the best.  Good baby.”

Babybean is a cutie pie.  I’m biased but strangers tell me all the time how adorable he is so it must be true.  He’s also very alert for his age and is often on my shoulder looking around at all the things.  This has presented me with an unusual knack for attracting (mostly) unwanted attention when we are out.  People are constantly coming up and cooing in Bean’s face trying to get him to smile.  Personable child that he is he usually does.  This is where I get weird about things.

See…I’d rather people NOT TOUCH THE BABY.  Really.  How do I know where your hands have been?  If Bean was 3 years old would it be alright for a stranger to walk up to him, get him to smile, then start rubbing his feet?  I think not.  So why WHY is it alright to do it to a baby?

I’m looking at you Grandma

The one time I asked someone to not touch the baby they got all huffy.  So now I just hold him away from people and maneuver the way we are standing so they can’t reach the baby in the first place.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Am I just freaking out over nothing – really, I do worry about germs and allergens and skin irritants.  It gets me so anxious that when people come up to me now my first reaction is to grimace and back away slowly.

Hopefully this will lessen as he gets older and isn’t so “OMG NEWBORN BABY” cute.

In other news I’m working on non baby posts.  These just require more time than I can get on the computer and Babybean willing will someday finish and post.  Until then thanks for putting up with baby fever.  🙂




It’s Been One Week Since You Heard From Me

What exactly has Mamabean been up to?  Let’s take a peek in her camera and see…

She’s been shopping!  Bath and Body Works had a deal on buy one get one free on their delicious lip glosses and delectable lip balm so I grabbed my 20% off coupon and treated my poor, dry lips to some treats.  One is Vanilla Mint that always makes me giggle as I put it on – it makes my lips tingle!  One is sparkly and tastes like cupcake icing and the other is just super for putting on my pout at night to make them soft and kissable.

She’s been baby shopping with her mom.  My mom is awesome and is finally coming around to this “babybean” situation and starting to enjoy it.  She not only bought the crib and mattress for the baby – a beautiful brown one from Sears – but she also splurged and got me a glider chair with gliding footstool in the same color as the nursery!  I’m so stoked!  I was expecting to have to breastfeed on my old and worn out futon couch but this chair is sooooo comfy.  She also bought babybean his first stuffed animal – a purple dinosaur to match the dino decorations.  So cute!  Thank you mommy!

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Buy ALL The Baby Things? Rawr!

I had my first excursion into baby products the other day visiting Babies R Us to create a baby registry.  I was SO OVERWHELMED by the whole ordeal.  I hate asking people for gifts and I especially hate telling them exactly what gifts to buy me.  I know this is some sort of privilege that I get for being pregnant but it still weirds me out.  However my attitude changed when they gave me a funky space age scanner thing (of which I am accustomed having worked retail all of my life) and I got to run around the store and scan items I thought were cute and that babybean would like.  Which, admittedly, was EVERYTHING.  I’m happy I had someone to shop with though as it’s somewhat embarrassing to shop for baby by myself and get caught “awwwwing” out loud by random customers and staff.  And no matter how much he might be developing eyesight right now there is no way that babybean saw the adorableness of that puppy hoody I tried to show him about a week ago.  So having a friend or relative along saves face.  Gotcha.

Truthfully we haven’t started the nursery – there is no furniture or anything in there.  I hadn’t even bought anything remotely baby until today and I’m 31 weeks along now.  OMG I’VE GOT TWO MONTHS LEFT????  How did that happen.  AcK!  I really should get moving on this.  I mean, the nursery is painted – two different greens – and I painted a tree on the one side with a dog house underneath it.  Here’s what it looks like at the moment…..

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Adventures At the Local Trendy Mall

There are two malls where I live.  The one closest to me has practical stores full of good deals for families and moms.  The other mall is the one I hung out at when I was 16 and trying to be “trendy” and “fashionable”.  It’s only gotten worse as the city matured and is now full of fashionable stores carrying the latest and greatest of clothes and must have electronics.  Plus the food court has great Thai food.   Coconut shrimp.  So GOOD.

Today I got up and fancied myself up.  After all I was going to the trendy mall to eat lunch with an adorable and fashionable friend whom I hadn’t seen for awhile.  She’s a good friend and one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is also always beautifully and uniquely dressed and inspires me to do the same.  So black skirt, pretty white top with ruffles (in which I look pregnant and not horribly overweight) and my new undulation scarf it was.  Then I actually put on make-up and put some product in my hair and was out the door.  Twenty dollars in my pocket, a bag full of gifts for my friend and hope that I could make it more than an hour before having to collapse into a chair.  That’s me on the bus trying to look like I’m not taking my own picture.  I’m obsessed with my new Hipstamatic App for my iPod – so here is a Hipstamatic picture journal of my day.

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