Knitting leads to rats and sloths and Bronies, Oh My!

I decided to teach myself knitting and discovered that there is a wonderful yarn store in my area that specializes in all natural and hand-spun yarns. They source their own brand of yarn locally and bring in some killer natural yarns from around the world. I picked up the one you see in the picture – Noro Silk Garden – from Japan a month or so ago but have been terrified to knit anything with it.  I’m a beginner and beautiful yarn like this needs at least some skill right?

So since I’ve mastered knitting, purling and combining the two into patterns by knitting my unborn child cotton washcloths (he now has about 5 lovingly knitted face wipes), I decided to break out my Japanese yarn and make myself something nice.  A scarf called undulation.  Undulation.  Isn’t that word erotic?  So yeah, erotic scarf for mamabean.

I also discovered, whilst perusing Spun’s website, that they offer a knit group on Fridays where you drop by and hang out with a group of awesome knitters and crocheters (is that a word?) and talk.  Though they don’t call it this on their website, I have been told that knitting groups like this are often called “Stitch and Bitch”.  So last Friday I attended my first “Stitch and Bitch” and was pleasantly surprised.  The store is warm and inviting and the patrons are cheerful and full of fun and laughter.  I mainly knit and listened – watching out of the corner of my eyes as they knit with speed and precision while talking enthusiastically about everything.  (Seriously, how do they knit that freaking fast?  I’d stab myself in the hand going at those speeds)  They were kind enough to help this newbie with her questions and work to include shy me in the conversation as many times as they could.

This Friday I bought my needles and took a seat at the table to once again listen to this group of 10 – 15 ladies and men (yes, men knit too!) talk about, well, everything!  The topics jumped around like kernels in a frying pan but I was enraptured by the debate raging in my corner of the room – are sloths cute?  There were several votes for yes (I was among those) and several for no.  So, out came the iPods and laptops to play videos of adorable sloths doing adorable things.  Like this one:  .  During this fascinating conversation I realized that I needed to re-do the knitting I had started as I hadn’t been paying attention and had knitted with the tail which prompted a frustrated cry from me and kindly laughter from others around me.

Oddly, the conversation took a turn I didn’t expect.  Being a geek had not come up yet and I wasn’t sure If I was going to out my nerdiness to these crafty ladies.  However – the topic of Bronies came up and no one in the room could answer the how or why of Brony culture.  I couldn’t keep my geeky mouth shut on this one (seeing as I’m a Pegasister and all) and proceeded to explain to everyone the wonder of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.  They seemed truly interested in what I was saying and happy with my explanation of the MLP FIM phenom.  I told them I was a fan of the show but that I also worked at a comic shop.  Consider myself outed.

Bronies, I did you proud tonight at my knitting group.

In other news I downloaded a Hipstamatic app for my iPod.  It takes pictures as if my camera was old and polaroid-ish.  These are my first attempts as I learn what the lenses do.  So, for your viewing pleasure, snapshots of my trip to work taken with various hipster iPod lenses.  And a picture of my dinner.  A delicious sundae from Baskin Robbins.  What?  Smallbean demanded a sacrifice of ice cream.  Now he is satisfied and only dancing on my bladder once in awhile.