Feeding My Inner Teen – Style Savvy Trendsetters

So there’s this video game that my friend bought me for Christmas a couple years ago.  It’s called Style Savvy Trendsetters and it’s always on my game rotation.  Truthfully it barely leaves my 3DS slot.



I’m pretty much living the fantasy of my teenage self vicariously through this game.  You know, being beautiful, skinny, wealthy and a queen of style with her own fashionable boutique.

You start off the game creating a character for yourself.  I think my only complaint is that the body sizes are limited – as in everyone in this game is super thin (including the men – hello bishounen!) but there is a wide range of skin, hair and eye colours to choose from.  Later on in the game you can adjust your hairstyle and makeup as options become unlocked.

Your character (I named mine Rarity because, well, if I’m going to play a game all about style, what ELSE would I choose) walks into a local boutique and the owner there has this weird revelation.  That you, yes YOU, have something special about you.  Something unique.  Something amazingly fashionista!  So she hires you then takes off to, I dunno, go on vacation and leaves you in the hands of her partner.

Yup.  I'm just going to go drink myself into a stupor and leave my store in the hands of someone with absolutely no experience.

Yup. I’m just going to go drink myself into a stupor and leave my store in the hands of someone with absolutely no experience.

You would think this foolhardy in any other situation but your character has been imbued with god-like fashion powers and is able to dress people in complete outfits in exactly the style they need.  Your fashion abilities impress your absent boss so much, she GIVES YOU HER BOUTIQUE.  Also everyone keeps telling you how awesome, beautiful and fashionable you are.

You then get to change around the style of the store, re name it, and re brand it as your own.  I like the Princess style so mine often looks like this:


So. Much. PINK.


Depending on the setting for your shop (princess, edgy, girly, boho-chic etc) that’s the customer you will attract the most.  The game comes from Japan so the fashion styles are some of the hottest over there – you don’t see much Gothic Lolita running around Canadian streets.  Which is awesome for me because I totally LOVE all the styles in the game.iEpi1kwdT7JfoYou are also in charge of buying, and the clothes change with the seasons, so there is always something new and neat at the buyers center.  Everything you buy for the store, the buyer’s center also sends a copy to your house, so suddenly your closet is bursting with sweet, sweet fashion.

You can even dress up your room.

You can even dress up your room.

Seriously, I pretty much spend half the time trying outfits on my character.  Not to mention the make up and hair combinations.  Before going to the local photo studio to have my professional shots done, or downtown to people watch, or the park to have my flower fortune told, or the trendy tea shop to…well…drink tea.


Later you get to dress up the guys in your town.

And if running your own shop and creating a town full of beautiful, fashionable people wasn’t enough, there are even fashion contests.  You get a model, dress her up in the theme with what’s in your closet, and have her walk down the runway.  If you win you get more clothes (surprise!) and added bonuses for your store.


It’s got a cute sense of humour too.  You’ll have conversations with customers, and be invited out on the town with them.  Each of your customers have little quirks outlined on their profile cards – which you can read at anytime.  They’ll often say the craziest stuff when in conversation with each other, so get your screen capping finger handy!

tumblr_mdlqoscfli1qzp9weo2_250I just can’t stop playing this game.  I love dressing up all the people in the different fashions.  Weirdly I seem to have picked up a thing or two from the game, as I am now a bit more aware of different styles, what they’re called, and how they are matched together on the human body.  It’s like the best game of paper dolls ever.

char-montageMy inner teen loves it.  I always wanted to be a fashion forward kind of gal.  There was someone I used to hang out with who was, and I looked up to her for it.  She always knew how to put together the best outfit from her underwear out to her shoes.  I wish there had been Gothic Lolita and Pop! style more readily available when I was younger, I would have rocked that princess skirt.

I am glad they changed the name from "Girls Mode" in Japan to "Style Savvy" here.

I am glad they changed the name from “Girls Mode” in Japan to “Style Savvy” here.


Adventures At the Local Trendy Mall

There are two malls where I live.  The one closest to me has practical stores full of good deals for families and moms.  The other mall is the one I hung out at when I was 16 and trying to be “trendy” and “fashionable”.  It’s only gotten worse as the city matured and is now full of fashionable stores carrying the latest and greatest of clothes and must have electronics.  Plus the food court has great Thai food.   Coconut shrimp.  So GOOD.

Today I got up and fancied myself up.  After all I was going to the trendy mall to eat lunch with an adorable and fashionable friend whom I hadn’t seen for awhile.  She’s a good friend and one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is also always beautifully and uniquely dressed and inspires me to do the same.  So black skirt, pretty white top with ruffles (in which I look pregnant and not horribly overweight) and my new undulation scarf it was.  Then I actually put on make-up and put some product in my hair and was out the door.  Twenty dollars in my pocket, a bag full of gifts for my friend and hope that I could make it more than an hour before having to collapse into a chair.  That’s me on the bus trying to look like I’m not taking my own picture.  I’m obsessed with my new Hipstamatic App for my iPod – so here is a Hipstamatic picture journal of my day.

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